CRYPTO 101 – The Important Fundamentals

Crypto Market Cap

The Crypto Opportunity Explained

March of 2020 – The market capitalization for all of crypto was valued at about $143 billion. This was a really good time to accumulate.

November of 2021 – The market capitalization for all of crypto was valued at just over $2.8 trillion. This was a really good time to take profit.

December of 2022 – The market capitalization for all of crypto fell to about $800 billion. That’s a draw down of about 73% which we believe is a good time to accumulate.

We believe that in the next market cycle the value of the crypto market will exceed $9.6 trillion which would be a 12X move. That means a $5,000 investment would turn into $65,000.

Personal Coaching

With the help of your personal coach, you will set-up and configure the tools and accounts needed to buy, protect and sell cryptocurrency. You will also use $150 of your own money to complete the following transactions:

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  • Buy $50 Worth of Cronos.
  • Transfer Cronos To Defi Wallet.
  • Swap Cronos For VVS.
  • Swap VVS For Cronos.
  • Transfer Cronos To Exchange Account
  • Convert Cronos Back To Fiat Currency.
  • Buy $50 Worth of XRP.
  • Transfer XRP To Cold Storage Wallet.
  • Transfer XRP To Exchange Account
  • Convert XRP Back To Fiat Currency.
  • Buy $50 Worth of HBAR.
  • Transfer HBAR To Hashpack Wallet.
  • Stake HBAR With Validator To Earn 6.5% APR.
  • Unstake HBAR.
  • Transfer HBAR To Exchange Account.
  • Convert HBAR Back To Fiat Currency.

After your tokens have been converted back to fiat currency, the final step in this training will be to transfer your funds back into your bank account. Upon completion of this training, you will possess the tools and knowledge for the following:

  • A fully functioning account at a well known centalized exchange with hundreds of tokens and the ability to to buy and sell crypto with confidence.
  • You will have a defi wallet allowing you to store your tokens which will provide an added level of security and access to  decentalized exchanges.
  • You will have the ability to move your tokens into cold storage to achieve the highest level of asset protection.
  • You will possess the knowledge to stake tokens with validators to earn interests.
  • When the time is right, you will know how to sell crypto and transfer profits into your bank account.

Who Is This Training For?

This training was designed for people who understand the potential of blockchain technology, but don’t want to be active traders.  This training was designed for people who see the potential to invest $5,000 and can see it turning into $250,000 over the next few years. Right now goverments from all over the world are creating legislation which will pave the way for mass adoption. There is a tidal wave of cash heading toward the crypto space and those who position themselves in front of this wave stand to make a lot of money. This training costs $995 and includes up to four hours of one-on-one personal coaching which will provide you with the tools and knowledge so you can invest with confidence. Additional personal coaching hours can be purchased at any time.

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Free Consultation

When it comes to personal coaching, finding the right coach is kind of like wooing a date. For that reason, we typically start the process with a phone conversation and if we like one another, then we can put together a plan on how we can move forward. Please fill out the form to request a call back. Your privacy is important. Your information will never be shared or sold.

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Disclaimer: The content creators of this website hold positions in all the aforementioned digital assets. None of the information on this website should be considered financial advice. The crypto market is the most volatile market on the planet. It can generate huge profits, but not without substantial risks. Please seek professional advice before investing in crypto currency.